Anxiety Center

Have you ever experienced “butterflies in your stomach” or have sweaty palms before a test? Did you ever feel like running away or experience fear which can be paralyzing?

If you have, you are among the millions of individuals who suffer from Anxiety…And it can be devastating.

As many of you know, I am lucky to have a fair amount of energy. I ride my bike 30-50 miles at least 4X a week. When I don’t hop on my bike, I run or walk everyday. While I enjoy the experience of movement tremendously, there is a flip side to my activities. Like so many of you, I too experience anxiety. Therefore, I understand that it can limit the joy life offers and may create a cascade of health related issues including increased heart rate, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, increased body weight and its related problems. The list is long.

At UPG we care about your happiness and ability to enjoy all life has to offer. That’s why we built this Anxiety Center, where we will be sharing how cannabis and other wellness modalities can help decrease feelings of anxiety, worry and isolation. Too many of us self medicate with alcohol and pharmaceuticals. No more! I’m excited about this center and the lessons we are preparing. They just may change your life for the better.


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Cannabis is not a one size fits all type of medicine. It is important that you contact a medical cannabis expert who is well versed in cannabis and its impact on your health.

We offer online consultations that help answer any questions you may have when using Cannabis, including:  Dosing, Ratios, Protocols.

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