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United Patients Group is a 501c3 non-profit organization that directs all donations to further our mission of being the trusted leader for medical cannabis information and education.


United Patients Group is a ‘first stop’ for patients and medical professionals looking to learn more about cannabis.
Our advocacy work in these critical areas cannot happen without the support of donors large and small. We look forward to doing this important work – together.

Be informed. Be well.

Many come to us not knowing where to go, what questions to ask or who to trust. We at United Patients Group are able to direct, not only to doctors and nurses in our community, but also to safe reliable companies, organizations, and products. This industry can be quite a tangled web so, through UPG’s consultation services with our nurses and physicians, we are able help people to understand what they need and what to avoid.

United Patients Group (UPG) is an unparalleled online resource and
trusted leader for medical cannabis information and education for
physicians, patients, medical institutions, health-related
organizations, local/state governments and more.

Education is paramount in the potential for medical cannabis
treatment and is the cornerstone of our goals and initiatives carried
out through our 501c3 non-profit. Fostering access and momentum
in research, the continued development of fair and balanced laws,
consistent product testing standards, and safe and reliable patient
information will be funded through donations, fundraising and grants.

How can you help us?

Help further education in the research of medical cannabis and the health benefits.

There are many way to help us through volunteering. Contact us today to find out more.
Tell us your experience/story with cannabis and how it helped your loved ones

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