Apoptosis: What is it and what is the role of cannabinoids?

By now you have probably heard a story or two about how medical cannabis helped heal cancer. This may have even been your experience or the experience of a loved one. Cannabis has proven to be effective against cancer in many ways, from reinforcing the endocannabinoid system to boosting the immune system and cutting inflammation.

Cannabinoids Part 2: A Primer in CBD Information, the Heart of Cannabinoid Healing

Cannabinoids Part 2: A Primer in CBD Information, the Heart of Cannabinoid Healing

Last week we talked about the well-known chemical substance found in cannabis called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, an amazing chemical compound that is about a lot more than just “getting high.” As with all cannabinoids, THC reaches its full potential, however, when it is combined with other substances found in the cannabis plant. In this article, we will take a look at CBD…

Edibles: "A Tale of Phytocannabinoids & Decarboxylation" Presented by UPG

Edibles: “A Tale of Phytocannabinoids & Decarboxylation” Presented by UPG

We use phytocannabinoid infusions in all of our products because the research supports nature’s cannabis over synthetic compounds. Dr. William Courtney, MD has several videos online recommending that patients drink raw cannabis juice for medicinal benefits! While Auntie Dolores does endorse the medicinal benefits of consuming cannabinoid acids, our products contain decarboxylated cannabinoids, which means…

How Medical Marijuana Helps

Cannabis and Cannabinoids: How Medical Marijuana Helps

Among those using medical marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of painful illnesses and conditions, there is no question that medical marijuana works. The question for most is how medical marijuana works when many other potential treatments do not. Doctors believe that the answer lies in cannabinoids, the active ingredients in medical marijuana that are only found in the cannabis plants.