Chemotherapy and Marijuana Information: Treat Chemo Symptoms With Cannabis

Chemotherapy (often simply called chemo) is a type of treatment that includes a drug or combination of drugs to treat cancer. The goal of chemo is to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy is considered a systemic therapy, which means it may affect your entire body.

Chemo drugs target growing cancer cells, but they also affect healthy cells that grow rapidly. The effect of these drugs on both cancer and normal cells often causes chemo side effects.

For example:

  • Hair follicles have cells that can be affected by chemo, leading to hair loss, also called alopecia
  • Cells lining your stomach can also be affected by chemo. This can cause vomiting and diarrhea and may be associated with nausea.
  • A number of blood cells that divide rapidly can be damaged along with cancer cells during chemo. White blood cells help protect the body from infection. A low white blood cell count is known as neutropenia. If your white blood cell count gets too low, you could get a serious infection; red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body. A low red blood cell count is known as anemia. Anemia can lead to fatigue, chest pain, and more serious complications; platelets are structures in the blood that help stop bleeding. A low platelet cell count is known as A low platelet count can cause bruising and bleeding.

Clinical Information Related to Chemotherapy and Medical Marijuana

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