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Hi, everyone, I’m Dr. Dan Stein and many of you have asked how to use CBD oil for pain. Well, one of the things we have to consider is how best to consume the CBD is it’s something you should swallow as a gummy or capsule or edible, or put the liquid under the tongue topical on the skin inhalation either through vaporization, or smoking all of these different methods of consuming the medicine have their advantages and disadvantages but for pain, most of the decision comes down to how long has the painful condition been present? And how long do you need the relief for So for example, if you have an acute pain condition, you may only need CBD to act rapidly for a short period of time, so inhalation may be best. Whereas a more chronic pain condition may require ingesting CBD as an edible capsule or gummy, and using that two or three times a day for weeks or months. So the route that you use to consume your CBD depends on of course the effect you want to achieve and the condition you’re treating. Faster acting CBD preparations like inhalation products are great for things that need to be treated quickly. Whereas for more chronic conditions, it makes more sense to use CBD as an edible because it’s easier to use for long periods of time. And you can achieve a steady state in your bloodstream and get better pain relief. So there’s a lot to unpack there. And we’ll address some more of those items in subsequent videos. But thank you for tuning in. Please subscribe if you like the program and john and the folks at United Patients Group. Thanks again.