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You’ve probably heard about THC and CBD – two of the most well-known compounds in cannabis. But did you know that finding the best cannabis ratio is essential to managing pain? In this short video, Dr. Daniel Stein explains why many patients choose CBD for pain… and how to find the CBD/THC ratio. Cannabis is a complex plant, and it’s important to know when (and how) to use each cannabinoid. Be sure to watch to the end to learn when a higher THC ratio may be your best bet for managing pain with cannabis.

Dr. Daniel P. Stein: Your Medical Marijuana Expert

Dr. Stein completed fellowship training at the prestigious National Institute of Health in Immunology of Neuromuscular Disease. He was a resident at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and served out his medical internship at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland. He is a board certified physician with more than 25 years of experience practicing neurology.