Olympics & Cannabis

The Olympics & Cannabis: How Marijuana May Help Elite Athletes (and the rest of us!) Up Our Game – Naturally

With the Olympics coming to a close in Rio de Janeiro, people all over the world have tuned in to watch countries compete against one another in incredible feats of athleticism. But that’s not the only thing the world is tuning in on. As the recent scandal with Russian Olympians circulated in the media, the subject of doping became just as intriguing to the general population as did the discussion of the Zika virus at the Olympics.

Blocking Cannabis Decriminalization

The Hypocrisy Continues – Who’s Really Behind Blocking Cannabis Decriminalization and Why?

With the recent decision by the DEA to expand the number of marijuana growers in the US, while keeping it classified as a Schedule I drug, it seems as if the legalization movement is constantly taking one step forward, only to take one step back again. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Medical Correspondent for CNN and creator of the documentary “Weed,” has called the gesture “symbolic” meaning that while the number of growers and opportunities for research have technically expanded

Marijuana Schedule 1

Reeking of Hypocrisy: What the DEA’s Decision to Keep Marijuana Schedule 1 Really Means

Last week, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) decided to maintain marijuana’s status as a Schedule 1 Drug under the Controlled Substance Act. By definition, substances on Schedule 1 have been determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as having “no medical use whatsoever” and are also deemed to have a “high potential for abuse.” At the same time, the DEA’s decision came with a relaxation of some of the rules regarding medical cannabis research

Under the Sun: Protecting Your Skin – Medical Marijuana Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Under the Sun: Protecting Your Skin – Medical Marijuana Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Summertime means long hours at the beach, family barbecues, and getting that toasty shade of golden brown. But with 2016 on track to be the hottest year on record, it also means protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Data from NASA reports that each consecutive month in 2016 has been the hottest month, respectively, since the commencement of temperature recording in 1880.