Mark Worster RN, BSN, author, host of Nurse Mark Cannabis Podcast and a former Marine seemingly lost his purpose along the way despite running several successful businesses.  In a spiral of mental illness, depression, hopelessness and nearly suicidal, he began to study cannabis therapeutics.  He is now getting ready to graduate from the first Master’s program from the University of Maryland in Cannabis.  Mark now finds himself helping others as they struggle with their health and demons.

Nurse Mark, a fitness and wellness enthusiast, embraces his third career after serving in the US Armed forces, to health care entrepreneur who subsequently sold his business; to finally discovering his true calling as a nurse.  Not wanting to work at the bedside, Mark embarked on a road of exploration and stumbled upon the miracle which is cannabis.

Tune in to watch John Malanca as he hosts this remarkable man.  Personable and joyous it is hard to believe Mark has struggled with mental illness and depression most of his life.  At a time when many of us would sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, Mark opened the books and became an RN, BSN and now will be among the first health care professionals to receive a master’s degree in Cannabis Therapeutics.

During his road to discovery, Mark traveled the world spending time with top researchers.  He worked with a dynamic CBD marketing exec who helped him understand the healing powers of cannabis.  Acting on a hunch and fascinated by the science behind cannabis, Mark, never a cannabis user; had the desire to promote this remarkable plant.

Now he takes his knowledge, shares it with the public and patients, he has a line of products and coaches clients through the use of cannabis to both enrich their lives and promote wellness.


Nurse Mark’s Budding Interest

John Malanca 0:01
And we’re live. Hey everybody, John Malanca United Patients Group Be Informed. Be Well. and I have an old friend Mark Worster on how are you doing, Mark? Hey,

Unknown Speaker 0:09
john, I’m doing well. Thanks for having me.

John Malanca 0:11
Thanks for coming back. You and I have worked together before and I wanted to get you on on my, my podcast and so I say let’s, let’s get on here you’re helping so many people. I might as well get you here too. So let me read your impressive bio entrepreneur leader fitness group business life coach, health care professional Mark brings his passion and joy to everything he does. How do you miss out Hmm. From Chairman of the Board of a $20 million health services agency to certified yoga instructor to keynote speaker Mark has accumulated an impressive array of diverse experiences known for his charismatic

Unknown Speaker 0:49
energy baby

John Malanca 0:50
market led many groups to successful completion of their missions. Mark attended Regis College School of Nursing, graduating with ASN in 2014, a BSN in 2018 while continuing to run his last company, which he twice brought to the Inc 500 List of fastest growing companies. Congratulations on that. Upon completion of the sale of that company Mark then turned to cannabis nursing recognizing its unique opportunity to provide health healing through the use of virtual plan of this personal clamp. Author of absolutely effing amazing living living a life you love it, which is an Amazon number one bestseller mark is dedicated to helping everyone create a life that they love. I agree with that, as well. as host of a nationally recognized nurse Mark podcast, Mark continues to live the mantra health, happiness and cannabis. That Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker 1:43
So and I forgot to mention I’m also in a master’s in medical cannabis science and therapeutics program, going to graduate in May, at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

John Malanca 1:53
Congratulation and not Yeah, not the first graduating class.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
I am in the first cohort of 150 people, Masters in Canada. And it’s just such an amazing group, john. Yeah,

John Malanca 2:05
yeah. I recently had when I did that summit, I had Ria I’m blanking her name, Rams.

Unknown Speaker 2:12
Yes. Oh, my

Unknown Speaker 2:13
gosh, Ria is I absolutely love her that that

John Malanca 2:17
first graduating?

Unknown Speaker 2:19
Yeah. Out of the Chicago area. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So congratulations, physical therapist, to you both to you both

John Malanca 2:27
to so cannabis was an owes your life and you first off, everyone. Mark has a great podcast, too, that I’m a fan of sharing other podcasts that are informative, and helping others and so you have quite a few, a collection of a wide variety of guests. You have wide variety marks marks podcast, you can find it on nurse mark, you can find the website nurse

Unknown Speaker 2:51

John Malanca 2:53
excuse me, nurse So you find him there. And then we can talk about the podcast as well. Absolutely. But cannabis, as you mentioned, wasn’t really your life. You went through lifelong depression, and mood disorders. And that’s coming up a lot. We recently had a friend of mine, Dr. Paul Bregman on MD, and he, unfortunately, because of bipolar and depression, and it was his grandfather had it his father had to he didn’t know. And he wasn’t diagnosed until he’s 70. Now, but he wasn’t diagnosed to lose 41. But in fact, if he lost his job, you know, yeah, you know, and ever in it. And so, especially what we’re going through right now, with this pandemic, were, you know, before we went live, we were talking about a year. I mean, maybe a year has been a blink of an eye for all of us. I mean, I can’t you know, we’re coming up to Christmas right now. I can’t believe New Years and going, huh. I mean, when we hit them, that year, mark of Wow, life changed. I mean, we was

Unknown Speaker 3:58
a once in a lifetime event

John Malanca 4:01
of life. I hope. Yeah. I hope Yeah, no. And so some people have have done some great things either rekindling with their families staying in shape. You and I have both done. Yeah. Congratulations. You look like you. You I know you have dropped weight and stayed healthy. I think love you talk about love. Oh, listen here. Heat marks recently,

Unknown Speaker 4:24
I got married in a pandemic, Amanda that you know, and so 30 days that that’s another book coming out. I

John Malanca 4:30
know. That for personal thing, too. But, um, but let’s talk about how you how you got into this. And yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 4:39
yeah, john, I was here.

John Malanca 4:42
How long is the depression and mood disorders? How long have you there before you kind of discovered another another alternative date to help, you know, balance you out?

Unknown Speaker 4:55
Yeah. Listen is lifelong. And I’ve had this issue, you know? undiagnosed untreated for a very long time, I think it was, I was 25 when I first got into the mental health system. And, you know, I literally have taken every single psychotropic medication that is available. And none of them worked with the depression that I had. So, you know, I was on it was it was trial and error for 20 years, 25 years. And I was finally able to put together a program of my own, putting everything together that I’ve been through meditation, mindfulness, you know, cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, huge component for me, nutrition. So all of these things, I had to cobble together to figure out what worked for me. And it’s, that’s why I wrote the book, because, you know, listen, there was a stigma attached to mental illness, mental health, and it doesn’t need to be there. And so it’s kind of funny that I’m in the cannabis space now, with a stigma that to be there, right? It just doesn’t need to be there. So I’m sort of drawn to these things. But you know, I grew up cannabis agnostic. I mean, my my adolescent years, there was a lot of cannabis use. And then I went into the Marines at the age of 17. And it all stopped, because you just, you know, it was it was randomized drug testing. I was, you know, done with that. So for many years, I was cannabis agnostic, I didn’t care if you did it. I just wasn’t interested. It wasn’t anything for me. As a matter of fact, up until 2016. In 2016, when Massachusetts had a referendum vote for adult use, I was part of the governor’s team, opposing it because I was a matter I was a member of the American Nurses Association in Massachusetts, and we partner with the governor’s office and all of the input, all of the data that I was given, of course, was very negative about cannabis. In Harrington A year later, yeah, we end to 2017 selling my business in I was introduced to cannabis in a different way. And and, you know, frankly, what happened was, I fell in love with an amazing entrepreneur in Brooklyn, New York, I sold my last business, which was in the tech space, and I was going into nursing. And I knew that I didn’t want to do one on one direct care, because I want to affect the health of millions of people. And so I was looking for what that was going to be. And I connected with her and she actually had started a CBD company several years prior. And she was, you know, very knowledgeable and just a talented entrepreneur. And so I started to realize I didn’t have a business, I was with her, I dove into her business. And we work together. And the more I looked at what really cannabis could do, the more I was absolutely floored at the possibilities. And that started my journey. And that’s, you know, I, you know, that relationship didn’t work out. Unfortunately, or fortunately, life works out I’m married to be I mean, it’s, it’s it, I really do have the most amazing life and I love every single second of it. But it started my journey in cannabis. And I traveled the world literally traveled the world attending medical cannabis conferences, going, seeking out the cutting edge research that’s been done, literally for the past 50 years. And so once I once I was exposed to the real information to, you know, that wasn’t, you know, sponsored by a government over the last 50 years. And once I really understood, you know, what cannabis is truly all about, I just, I have been in this in this space of advocacy, and, you know, really, this, this passion of wanting people to be able to use this safe and effective medicine as they as they need to.

John Malanca 9:09
Yeah, it’s funny, a lot of a lot of my friends are nurses in this industry as well, the same thing wasn’t their life. They didn’t learn about a nursery school. They were, someone said, Hey, you bet, go check out this conference. And they went there and they sat there with their jaws to the ground, like, you’ve got to be kidding me. And the majority of nurses in this industry were like you and now you know, they’re sharing their wealth and knowledge to their patients, their families, you know, to their communities like that. It’s I had Dr. Bregman on and talking about mental health and depression and he felt it was something that was in his genes passed down from his grandfather to his father. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
Hundred percent. I agree.

John Malanca 9:54
This was you. I didn’t know if I didn’t know if it came on after after being in the Marines or stuff.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
No, no, I believe wholeheartedly that there’s a genetic component to it. And so, you know, I mean, the human experiences, we are wired, the way we’re wired, and it’s all very complex and genetic contribution is there for sure. And so I truly believe that. Yeah,

John Malanca 10:17
and I love how you thought, because I’ve gone through when depression and grief, you know, with cringe cringe passing. And you’ll say, you know, people always say, I’m proud of what you’ve done. And my therapy, and I have other friends that I’ve met now that have lost their their spouse, you know, I just read doctor yesterday actually gave me a list of the top things that people go through. That adds stress and sickness, like the number one thing on that with losing a spouse?

Unknown Speaker 10:52
Yeah, of course.

John Malanca 10:54
And then, on the list of losing a job being Nick being arrested. That was it on that one, you know, you know, and this went on, and they said, add, add your numbers up, and they gave you a graph. And if you are in this category, you had 80% of a disease taking over your body. 60% 50% 40% Yeah. And, you know, when I went through this, and it’s hearing you, you speak about this, sleep is important, but exercise what food I put my in my body, you know, that I like I said, I’ve read

Unknown Speaker 11:28
the words or drugs, foods or drugs, I mean, we’re a biochemical machine, what goes in has an effect on all of those chemicals. So it just makes sense.

John Malanca 11:38
And so I applaud you for for seeing that and going, Okay, if I don’t get out and do some exercise, if I don’t get some sunlight, being around good people, you know, you can’t go deep. Go down that rabbit hole. And I’m glad I didn’t because I have I’ve met people now friends that have lost a house. And they went the opposite way, you know, from Yeah, overeating as the more depression. Drinking, you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:07
Michael’s Right.

John Malanca 12:09
Yeah. So at what age? So it was before the Marines and then after in the Marines, is that when you incorporate it? or What was it? Was it your, your se gal? Excuse me, you’re the woman that you’re working with? Up north? Is that what got you your mindset of like, hey, let me try to add this Arsenal to my

Unknown Speaker 12:31
as soon as it when I when I started to work in her company. And I really dove into sort of CBD and cannabis in general. You know, I really did it. I’ve done such a deep dive. And that’s why I’m in the in the master’s program, because I just wanted to know, as much as I possibly could about it. I don’t do anything halfway. So I mean, I’m in right now. Yeah, yeah, whether it’s friendships or learning or whatever the whatever it might be, I’m 100% in. So as soon as I started to add, you know, that that CBD component, that sort of that cannabidiol, that side of the cannabis plant. You know, it’s just amazed at sort of the positive effect that had in already had cobbled together this, this methodology that worked for me to relieve my depression, all of the things that I that I needed to do. But it requires being in a very set routine. And well, we know what happens with routine, especially when it comes to, you know, what we’ve been through with, with the pandemic, your routine can get upset. And when that happens. Well, you know, that depression if I don’t have that routine, that depression can come back. And so having that having that cannabis additive really, really helped to keep me on an even keel. Even though things shifted and dropped away from my routine, I was able to compensate, you know, utilizing cannabis and in keep me stable until I could get that piece figured out. Like exercise, right? I’m a crossfitter they need to go to a CrossFit gym. If you’re talking about routine and what works for you, and I love it. What works for me, that’s why I always find what works for me. All right, you know, I got to be different than what works for me.

John Malanca 14:17
I had a 11 o’clock call and I said, Okay, I got up early, I was gonna go for a quick ride or run. And what I do start doing emails, the phone and I’m like, okay, nine o’clock, I get back here from 11 o’clock showered up, boom, boom, boom, boom. 1045 had my call and I said, Okay, I can I have a few hours where I meet with Mark emails, they’re coming this man. And I finally I’m gonna go for a run I have so I went for a quick ride and came back jump in the shower. And now I’m here, you know, and I feel great because I could have been Okay, okay, do it later. I’ll do it later and said

Unknown Speaker 14:57
that say, you know Did you know whether it’s exercise or for me meditation is a key component of what I do? Yeah. If I don’t do that first thing in the morning, the likelihood that I’m going to find that space that in my head in the morning, I’m saying, Hey, you know what, john, I’m gonna meditate tonight at like five o’clock because I know I have a space. And it’s exactly like you said, emails call comes in. Five o’clock comes and goes. And then I’ve missed that moment, which is a key component of keeping me on an even keel. Not even on an even keel, just in this amazing life that I have.

John Malanca 15:38
Oh, totally. And when you get into it for our listeners, and I hope you’re all addicted to exercising getting out. Oh, I am is Mark because it really makes you know, you say meditation about probably about a month ago, and I don’t know if I shared this community. I did a five day Silent Retreat, no phone, no internet, no music. And it wasn’t I had done one. I did one right after crin passed. And that was two and a half day This was five day. And it wasn’t in person who was you know, on on video, but it was five day you shut everything down. You eat and silent? How I mean, how we’re all guilty of this, eating with our phone eating with our internet, you know, absolutely. TV, and this is like this. And I was falling asleep at 830. no TV, no music, no, nothing. Yeah, I’d be up at four o’clock. And stretch. And we do this thing. And I loved it. And my stress went back up, I think on Tuesday when I did or Wednesday when I returned my phone back on and in emails, Ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ding. You know, so if you get on a routine of medication, you know it really, it’s hard at first, but you get into the thing. And there’s times you’re in it and then you routine or thinking about everything else. And I thought there were days I thought about your work work. Oh my god, I have to call mark, I have to do this, I have to do that. And so in my mind, I’m meditating here this side, I’m writing down my notes of what I’m doing here to show you, Lee Hey, we could talk about my personal stuff all day here. For our listeners that probably don’t want to hear all of our personal stuff like her. But what would you and I know it’s you know what works for you. As you’re saying I love that right? What do you what do you what are you finding? Because cannabis is not for everybody. Sometimes different formulations of too much THC to CBD can

Unknown Speaker 17:46
bring. I suffer from depression. I mean, yeah, suffer from depression, john, you know, we when we would we coach people, and we’re talking to them about it. You know, one of the things we do is we, you know, look for depression, we asked them about their depression, because with depression, you don’t want to have too much THC because THC has, you know, this quality that may increase the depression. So you may want to stay away from that. So we help people kind of figure that out. But you’re right, it’s not going to work for everybody.

John Malanca 18:18
Yeah, it and not we’re in but also to have the you know, combining with lack of sleep, mm food you’re eating, maybe alcohol, you know, all these things, I think, Oh, yeah. Yeah. How you found the niche, which worked for you. And it just Excuse me, is this something that you still struggle with? On a daily basis? Are you yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:38
oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Because, you know, I mean, especially now with with all of the changes that have had to be dealt with in, in the pandemic, sure routine, and all the regular things that you do are kind of upset. You know, I cut you know, I talked about it in the book. Here’s the bottom line, john. Just if you love yourself, you’ll give yourself that break. You know, where we are our harshest critics, we really are. What do we talk to the most? Yeah, we talk to ourselves the most right from the moment we wake up, all the way through even when we’re sleeping, we’re having interaction with ourselves. And we’re very harsh on ourselves. My my, my point in the book was, give yourself a break. Understand that if you don’t, you know, if you hadn’t have had an opportunity to run today. That’s okay. You can get back to it tomorrow. It’s when we are so harsh on ourselves. That we won’t get back to it right. We feel like we failed. Well, okay, I’ve failed then I might as well not even try it again tomorrow. It’s okay. Do it do it tomorrow and you’re back on track just like that.

John Malanca 19:50
Bees. Yeah, yourself and I eat yourself.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
Yeah. Love yourself. Love yourself.

Unknown Speaker 19:56

Unknown Speaker 19:57
You’re absolutely amazing, my friend.

John Malanca 20:00
Thank you. Yeah. And that, that keeps me going, you know, hearing that but getting out. We’ve been I’ve been very fortunate one with the pandemic, but two, with Koreans passing. The weather’s been nice. I think for three years. You know, I can’t think of the back because I was still getting getting out and do it doing those things. You know, I would cringe. Pat, I didn’t use any cannabis, because I didn’t want my mind to overly think everything and sorry, you know, I go through stages, I go through stages where one stage was age 20 to 46. And trying to cannabis, you know, and then one day as you know, Chris and I were in this industry, you might have I trust you. Yeah. You know, and so she enjoyed that cleaning. She knew the day was over. Yeah, she knew the day was over and and but when Clint passed you know, I didn’t use any for anything that you know, I need to my mind in my for me. I didn’t mean my mind to wander, you know, meaning overly think everything. I was already overly overly thinking thinking. I use use user for sleep. Yeah. And how are you use? I use tinctures I am the same way man. I

Unknown Speaker 21:17
am using it for sleep and I am using edibles. I’m a real fan of edibles. I like I you know, I just I like that 11 hydroxy THC, which is a metabolite Okay, you eat it. That’s what it converts to. Yeah, and I like that. For me that works really well. I’m not really a smoker. Yeah, I mean, on occasion, I will just before bed, maybe have a little but I’m not really a smoker. It just does. You know, everybody has their thing. And so for me and edible is just a much, much better way for me. And it’s what is waiting

John Malanca 21:51
for listeners that are on here that are cannabis a brand new going through, you know, searching the internet, and a lot of our followers search into our finest, you know, Google depression in cannabis. I pour in cannabis, mental illness, Cannabis, and stuff like this pops up. It’s not a one size fits all. And I and I’m a big fan of I would say a medical professional should be involved. You know, what works for me may not work for you what works for you work for Suzy down the street. Right? You know, we look at age and weight and the current health conditions, sensitivities and drug to drug interactions, can you

Unknown Speaker 22:36
track your drug interaction, the nurse

John Malanca 22:39
and having experienced depression is important that is to have one a medical professional, be involved, but also in combination of alcohol in pharmaceuticals, cannabis and pharmaceuticals. Can you talk about that? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:58
so you’re you’re right, you really want to be working with, with a healthcare professional, who’s been trained, who understands, you know, the interaction of cannabis with, with the human person themselves, you know, how it’s metabolized, how it works in the body, but also that drug to drug interaction, you know, there’s a lot of talk about that, a lot of focus on it. And, you know, honestly, it’s, it’s not as dire is you as they make it out to be, there are a lot of other things foods included, that interact with drugs, and in a much worse capacity, cannabis is a very safe profile, although there are specific drugs that you want to be, you know, very acutely aware of in. So you want to work with a healthcare professional. And here’s the thing, it’s not like a traditional pharmaceutical experience, like where you just take it in, it either works or it doesn’t, you go back to the doc in two weeks, it’s it’s a matter of everybody is different. And you need to be patient and work over time with someone to get you to a point to where, where you have what works for you. And once you reach that sweet spot, and for, you know, for people, it could take several months to get to the point where they’re at that sweet spot of exactly, you know, taking the right dose at the right time of day, in the right product, gets them to the result that they want. And I will say you know, the, the top three that people are looking for, they’re looking for pain relief, they’re looking for a decrease in anxiety, and they’re looking to sleep better. I mean, the sleep thing is really, you know, that That to me is probably number one. Why don’t you sleep because you’re in pain, you have anxiety. So, and it’s all about all of those, right? Yeah,

John Malanca 24:50
I mean, it doesn’t have an effect, you know? Yeah. You know, you lose sleep next day. You’re groggy, you’re cranky. You know, you maybe have some, you know, extra comes a coffee. Start eating Your stuff that you’re not used to and then your body is off and your minds off. And again, it just,

Unknown Speaker 25:05
it’s all tied in together yet. Do

John Malanca 25:08
you see patients? No idea? You know, so what? What can you share? with some of our listeners? I’ll give you a plug before the show’s over on how they can find you. But yeah, what what do you generally go do with your patients, they come to you for mental mental disorders, depression, anxiety?

Unknown Speaker 25:32
Well, you know, it’s really it really is we have we have a real in depth intake form that that so when somebody, we’re going to work with someone, there’s an intake form, so that we get to know exactly, you know, what their goals are. Yeah. And you know, when we’re when we’re in a coaching session, and we’re working with someone, the first thing that we we say, is, listen, this is about you, this is about empowering you to make the best choices that you can make for yourself. So we’re really about education. And that’s always been the role of the nurse anyway, it’s always about educating, educating the clients so that they can make choices that are right for them. And so we bring to bear all of the experiences that we’ve had with people over the course of time, all the knowledge and education that we have, and we kind of fuse it together and help them to make the choice for themselves.

John Malanca 26:24
And are they are you doing it, where they’re titrating completely off their medications, if they’re on medications and having cannabis are they are you combining?

Unknown Speaker 26:31
Come You know what, it’s going to be different for everybody. And some people have a goal of saying, Listen, I just want to be off pharmaceuticals. And we’ll work with them in their physician on how to actually make that a reality if that’s what their goal is. But we’re not averse to saying, Hey, listen, you know, what if this is working for you, and we can add this, which will help this work maybe a little bit better for you? Why not? You know, I tell a story, john, I was in Tel Aviv, Israel in you know, Israel, if for the listeners, if they don’t know, almost all of the major research research that’s been done over the last 50 years has come out of Israel or been tied to Israel in some way. In so I was at this research conference, and I’m with the top researchers in the world that are working with cannabis and in how to use it as a medicine. And, you know, one of the researchers made a statement that sits with me today, and I just repeat this as often as I can. And the researcher said, Listen, it’s not that cannabis is the best pain reliever or that it’s the best at relieving anxiety or it’s the best for for sleep. It’s, you know, it’s not that it’s the best in class in any of those areas. But what the magic is, is that it has such a positive effect in all of those areas at once. That it allows the lifting up of that person so that they can start to participate in the other activities of their lives, that have a positive effect that they can start to exercise again. They can start to interact with their family members and friends. It’s that whole uplifting that is the just the magic of cannabis.

John Malanca 28:12
You know, I you say that I’m visualizing a woman, senior citizen lived in a retirement community that Chris and I worked work with her, she and her family, thanked us they said, you know, her husband passed away. And she was staying up in her apartment at this retirement community. And we did a we came in and did a presentation there with a doctor. And so he guided a lot of patients. But she said, and her kids said it allowed mom to leave her room because she was depressed and come back other than the population is what they call it. Yeah. But but to interact with their friends again, and she

Unknown Speaker 29:00
felt we’re social animals, right? That’s the biggest piece of this pandemic that people have suffered with. Yeah, not interacting with other people.

John Malanca 29:09
And it’s, it’s so seeing people have results and everyone’s different. And again, this is not for everybody. And I want people our listeners, this is not the golden pill, the golden ticket. I’m a broken record when it comes to that. But yeah, like Mark, I’ve seen this work, I’ve seen it not work. I see it not work with my wife and people ask, how do you continue on you know, pancreatic cancer, we’re just a different breed. I mean, we did three blood tests, they all came back negative in our doc right? You guys are our star pupil patients, you know yukirin your perfect health. And so how we found it was with it with a ultrasound but so to me, it didn’t say then not saving a life. Many didn’t work. But talking to all the patients that have contacted me, that we not all of them but the people who contact JOHN, it worked for us, you allowed us to get out of the hospital and be with our family who allowed us to get off the medications, you allowed my mother to get out of the room after my father passed, you know, and come down. And so it does. And so, yes, Israel is leading the way. I hope United States, it’s like number 567 or eight,

Unknown Speaker 30:23
we could have been in the lead, we could have been in the lead. We just haven’t had the legal structure to allow us to actually do the research. So hey, hopefully, hopefully,

Unknown Speaker 30:32
slowly. Hey, babe,

John Malanca 30:34
we’re 35 states right now. 35. Now legalized, and in some form in 1515. Recreational I think after this last election too soon. But I think bringing down the barriers, the stigmas that you as you were talking about, you know, bringing the barriers down the stigmas of this plant that it is, excuse me, beneficial, in one way or another if it’s just as a topical for arthritic patients or people pain, to helping with sleep to help me with depression, anxiety, or helping cancer. You know, I’ve talked about this numerous times on the show when I present, and I’ll put a big roll of duct tape on the on the slide projector behind me, people are looking at me going, Yeah, the wrong slide up there. And I say, Actually, I have it up there. Because people ask me, does it work for this does it work for that does it and I said, I don’t want to say it’s like duct tape with 1,000,001 uses. But when you really get down to it, you know, I mean, my first conference was back in I think 2011. It was Mary Lynn Mallory, ml, who runs and owns patients at a time. But I remember sitting there and that I incidence, hearing patients or hearing doctors and researchers from all over the world, and of their life studies is one one Italian doctor spoke about cancer, excuse me diabetes in cannabis. And I remember looking at crinan, a tear went down my face going, this is what my father had. And my father was a healthy diabetic. No, and I’m just think I could have helped him and then another one spoke about, of course, cancer types, depression. And the list goes on seizure disorders, you know, and so, hopefully, and again, it’s not for everyone, just like no, no, no, it’s not for everyone, but keep your family members that are alive because of chemo, radiation insurance. Everyone is telling me, buddy, stop doing this. Do this. You know, because this plant, it does go work with each other. And do you get this because I get this a lot? If this doesn’t work, then we’ll try cannabis. Do you get that with your patients?

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So they’ll be they’ll be people who go traditional medicine, which of course, you know, we’ve all been, that’s what we grew up with. So that’s what we know. And we feel comfortable with. And people will try that. And so what we do is we get people when they’ve lost hope. Yeah. And so you know, my partner, Sherry and I, the green nurse, we say we’re all about getting you high. And we use that acronym, right? Because it’s such a it’s a stigmatized word, right? So what we’re meaning is that we’re going to give you hope, and inspiration for growth and healing. That’s our acronym for high and that’s so when we get people there, they’ve tried everything, and they just haven’t had any success. I have a I have a friend who has all sort of colitis. And she’s suffered for a very long time, she’s tried all of the traditional treatments. She’s even on several new biologics that have just she’s failed through the protocol. And I was able to, to consult with her in, in, you know, within a month of beginning with cannabis protocol. She is like night and day. Wow. And so I’ve seen this work in specific instances. It usually is people who have just lost hope I’ve tried everything else. Yeah, you know, and I and I’m a firm believer and in a lot of Western medicine, I’m just not a firm believer in blocking the door and or the other things that could possibly work

John Malanca 34:10
in that the nicest feeling when people come back and go, Oh, my gosh, I you know, I have friend is from high school that call me up and they’ll say, hey, I want to thank you. My mom listened to you over and we’ve been trying to get her to try this for years but for some reason, you know, she talked to your mom at church and next thing you know she’s calling you and she listened to you should listen to me my brother’s you and she’s doing extremely well. And it’s sometimes it takes an outsider because I get a lot of people that say, How can I break this ice with my with my mom or my dad or my family members say Yeah, sometimes it’s if they hear someone else’s story. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
What about a job? Your mom knows you his his her. His her boy is her little boy right? With the halo over my mic, so that’s who she knows you to be right. So you get, it’s not the it’s not you personally, it’s just who you are for her. She hears it from somebody else. It’s a totally new experience and the new person that says, hey, you should try this. And you’re like, yeah. Oh, okay.

John Malanca 35:18
So it’s a it’s funny that story, and I want to get onto your book as well as your product lines, stuff like that. Yeah. One day, you know, I always say good night. Good morning, good night to my mom. And one day, you know, I was talking to my, my mom and I were talking and I was on speaker and my mom said, Hey, you know, all her girlfriends are using cannabis for sleep. Or arthritis. Yeah, that. Does this really work for sleep? And I said, Yeah, now she goes and paints. You know, she’s a ex tennis player. She was my shoulder. And she goes to work for pain test. Yeah, she goes.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
I’ve been using

John Malanca 36:02
some cannabis product every night before bed, and I was silent. Friend hits, we should like, be supportive, be supportive. And I’m like, Yes, it works. She goes, you know, after your after dad passed, I may have might have tried that for sleep, and I sit up. So she’s like, I’m able to raise my arm. I’m not hurting. And then three months later, my brother said, you know mom’s using cannabis. He was later talking about. She trusted me. Nothing to do brother but it was funny. Three months for him to for her to her to say hey, by the way, I’m using I’m using a cannabis product, which I never thought that’s the last person I thought and I’m so happy she is because you know that she’s 83 she walks every day. She can go. You know, she did go drive six hours. Go see my brother. I feel 100% confident for doing that. You know, because she’s still active, where she has other friends are at 83 and then they’re like, 183 you know, right. Oh, right.

Unknown Speaker 37:05

John Malanca 37:06
You do a lot in this industry and your name funny. My friend Beth Doss. I think you guys working with together are you on a committee with with Dr. Tischler as well?

Unknown Speaker 37:18
I am.

John Malanca 37:20
Yeah. So I was telling her that I was that I was at shoot. Mark is everywhere now. And I know so she was I get around, man, I get it. Yeah, no, she was she said, I’m excited to see your interview. And so but you do a lot. And not only you’re an author, but you have a product line to keep talking about. It’s nurse, Mark, CV.

Unknown Speaker 37:39
So I, you know, when I when I spent a year just really getting deep in the end of that year, I knew that I had specific products that I you know, specific formulations that I wanted to put together. So I worked with a with a pharmacist, Doctor pharmacy, and we came up with with an what I think is the best tasting good oil in the world. I think it’s awesome. In so I’ve had that product line for a year. And right now I’m working on formulating, because you know, you’ll learn a lot over the course of time, especially in the deep dive and being in this in this master’s program. In being exposed to some amazing, wonderful people that I just learned from, you know, my, my success is not my success, john, to be honest with you all the success I had in the last business for 30 years. It wasn’t me it was all the people that I surrounded myself with, right. And so I’ve surrounded myself with some great people like you and other people in the industry that I learned from every day. I’m working with my current partner, Sherry tuchis. She and I are very specific on this new product line that we’re formulating, that we we hope to have out in the next 60 days. And we’re working with a fantastic company that’s going to manufacturer and put it together cool all of the the whole thing all the way through. We know the growers, we know, the processors, we know everything all the way through. So we’re excited to have that product line. But I have a great product line that has been out for a year and I’ve had great success with it. Oh should these are two separate two separate product lines. I’m going to merge mine into it I’m taking I’m taking what I have. Yeah, the formulations, the proprietary blends of oils, which really have a lot to do with why the taste profile is so good. Going to take those emerging together in this this new product line is very intentional, very, very intentional.

John Malanca 39:41
Are you finding that that this was designed because of what you went personally went through with with the depression and our Yeah, a lot

Unknown Speaker 39:50
of it has to do with Yeah, a lot of it has to do with mood and in, in combining with other other things that have been in the space of, you know, supplements that have worked like, you know, a lot of the a lot of the CBD products that are out there for sleep, for instance will be a blend that has melatonin with it right? Because we know that Melatonin is what the body naturally produces, it’s sleep inducing. And so you can take melatonin on its own, or you can combine it with CBD, well, we have, you know, a certain amount in the blend that’s going to really be good for sleep. So we have a CBD product that’s just simply for sleep. So it’s those types of things, that we’re combining other things that are really been shown to be effective for certain other things, right? Some uplifting some sleep inducing.

John Malanca 40:43
Yeah. In your practice, are you do you stand out as working with a bunch of different elements? Are you are you a niche and say, you know, I work with, like Dr. Bregman? You know, he said, I like I like the depression in the in the bipolar patients, because I live it. And I know the road. And so people come to cringe, and I hear you know, patient room, and they come because we’ve seen it as a health advocate. I’ve been on both sides of helping patients I’ve been the side of helping Prince father helping crit as a caregiver. And so I know what questions to ask when right Boyd, right. That’s kind of the the niche on that. And, and so are you is that initial, you know, my

Unknown Speaker 41:34
affinity is going to be for folks who are having, you know, some issues with anxiety and depression. I mean, that’s, that’s really going to be my affinity, what I really love to do, but you know, what I find that I work with all with all different patients, different types, you know, whether it’s pain in other things that they’re dealing with, ultimately, it all has to do with mental health. Because if you’re physically suffering, you know, it’s going to affect your sleep, and it’s going to affect your ability to do things that you want to do. And that’s going to lead to, you know, a depressed state. Right. So it’s all woven together. So I don’t think that I have a specific profile, which I you know, specific, which I will work with, it’s across the board, really.

John Malanca 42:17
But if they come to you, that’s something that you have, personally, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:21
I mean, did you know for someone who has depression who has anxiety? Yeah, they know that I because I’m out there, you know, I wrote the book. And I mean, that you know, and I talk about it incessantly, because I think that it needs to be talked about. So yeah, they’re gonna feel more comfortable. It’s always better if you if you’re with somebody who has had the experience that you’ve had, but I

John Malanca 42:42
also think you coming at them looking at turning to you and saying, Oh, my God, Mark couldn’t do this. If I can get out of here. One, you can tell that he’s happy. Yeah, yeah, like static. Listen, I’ve

Unknown Speaker 42:53
great success in my life, despite being you know, having depression and mood disorders. As a matter of fact, there are things that have happened in my life, that would not have happened if I hadn’t been wired this way. Right. So I’m a lot more empathetic and compassionate with people because of the experiences that I’ve had.

John Malanca 43:14
Myself funny how life works like that, you know, life experiences, you know, I look at pictures, you know, that business pictures that, you know, that I took together, you know, being at a conference, and I look at that, and I’m like, I don’t know that guy anymore. I don’t know. Yeah, right. I mean, my what I was no, okay, we’re in everything. I’ve been through it. I mean, I look at the screen right now and it’s like I’m not that same person and who is this guy who is this guy? You know? Yeah. Guy into so but yeah, well, let’s talk about before we go, love to talk about books, you how to find you, as well as how to purchase your products and your outcome. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Absolutely. It’s so the book is available on Amazon. It is an Amazon number one bestseller. It’s called absolutely effing amazing living a life you love. easy to find. Look up Mark Worcester, w o r s t er, you’ll find it out there. It’s an easy read. Simple, you know in got it it’s it’s just it was so easy read I started laughing I

John Malanca 44:27
like easy to read.

Unknown Speaker 44:29
easy read. Don’t get this done. You’ll get this done in a day and a half no problem. No problem. So it’s not it’s not worn piece. It’s really easy read in got it was just so much fun writing the book and you know, sharing my experiences over a long period of time. Yeah, I so there’s the book. If you if you want some some high quality CBD products, you know, nurse feel free. I’m doing a buy one, get one free for You know, until supplies are gone, because, you know, I’m moving over to the to the new formulations in the product line. Yeah. So it’s in that, again, it’s probably 60 days. But what I’m really excited about john is my new partnership with Sherry, you know, we’re at the green And we are, you know, our goal is to be in all 50 states helping people get medical cannabis certification, get their cards, and to consult to coach them as they go through the process of trying to use cannabis as a medicine. That’s our goal. And another piece of our business is mentorship for anybody in the in the healthcare community who’s looking to add cannabis, to what they do to help people. We’re here to mentor, that group of individuals. Obviously, nurses are right at the top of the list, because Sherry’s a nurse, I’m a nurse, we love our nursing community. And you know, our goal is really to be a global organization. That’s what our goal is we want we want to help people utilize this plant across the globe

Unknown Speaker 46:08

John Malanca 46:10
our nurses, year after year after year? nominated is the most what trusted, most trusted, especially 17

Unknown Speaker 46:20
years running, I think 17 or 18 years running the most trusted health care professional. Yeah, and why not we tell it like it is our job is to educate, right? We pull all of the pieces that everybody wants us to pull, we bring it all together, and we say here, here are your choices. And here’s why you should be looking at these different things. We empower people to make the right choice for themselves.

John Malanca 46:45
Awesome. Yeah. Um, and then you have a great podcast and that’s another thing I want to you know, Mark has a great podcast if you haven’t tuned in and it is called nurse, Mark podcast find on his site nurse as well. Um, for I know we’ve covered a lot here and I we have and this is why I was I wanted to this is the way I wanted wanted to go.

Unknown Speaker 47:08
One One last thing if I can just mention one thing before off here,

John Malanca 47:12
so I was gonna have you have closed closing words anywhere. Oh, go ahead. Okay, sorry. For our any of our listeners that are going through depression, especially pandemic and mental health You know, you’re not alone. I want to share that with everybody you’re not alone have this conversation with with Mark with my son, you know, I’m not I’m not a medical Briscoe with Mark. But even suicide hotlines are out there. And yeah, you know, it sometimes it just takes that called for someone to say, hey, we’ve all been there. And you know, you see a temporary situation, and you know what it is? And I have, you know, chills, and I never thought I’d make it out of, you know, the grief I went through with krynn passing it is it and I know, temporary situation. I don’t want to say that I could I haven’t forgotten about Can I miss her? Of course not.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
You never will day.

John Malanca 48:08
But you know, that’s what I will if you can talk about that. And then your last thing that you want to throw in there as well.

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Yeah, listen, I’m always available. And I have a lot of I have a lot of experience and a lot of connections. I mean, part part of the story in my book, I start off with the fact that you know, in 2011, a lot of different reasons. Number one is just because I’m human, and I’m wired for this, I had a gun to my head. I was at I was at that point where it was? Do you stay at ego? And so it’s the book is really about how did how did I get there? And how did I get here in this most amazing life? I mean, I have the best life ever, ever. Yeah. So that’s what the books about. And so I’m always available to have a chat. I’m always always available and you can get me at mark at the green nurse calm. The nursing contact info is there. Literally I am here, you know, absolutely, to help people.

John Malanca 49:12
And I appreciate that and you have it that same Pay It Forward attitude that I have is, you know, to help and I think it’s I think it’s I was on this interview this morning on a radio show. And it’s either in your bed or should not say my customers in Virginia blood or not. But helping helping others and show I know you have that as well. Yeah. But everyone take a look at nurse mark. Nurse

Unknown Speaker 49:42

Unknown Speaker 49:43
I got one last thing on what Sherry and I do every morning, five days a week 8am Eastern Standard Time. I know for West Coast that’s early but if you’re up, we do a 15 minute daily dose of daily dose of AF And if we are having such a ball doing it, it’s 15 minutes is a great way to start your day. We include a little bit of cannabis education. We talk about, you know, I do this

John Malanca 50:11
podcast or what is it? It’s a

Unknown Speaker 50:13
it’s a live stream on Facebook and YouTube.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
Yeah, yeah. So eight o’clock Eastern Standard Time, five days a week, Sherry and I are doing this 15 minute thing, and we love it. And you know what, you’re gonna love it, too. And it’s, it’s just so much fun.

John Malanca 50:30
And is that on your, your, your personal Facebook page? Or is it the

Unknown Speaker 50:36
it’s on, it’s on the green nurse page. It’s on nurse Mark page, and it’s on the green nurse YouTube channel. So you can’t miss it, or the yellow. I do that I do that as part of it. I talk about what I do. I do this daily love thing. So I do this text thing that every day I get up and I do a reading because I do you know, some spiritual readings and some inspirational readings every day as part of my routine. Like share those via an audio clip in that audio clip goes out via text. And so if you want to sign up and get this audio clip every day, I do it seven days a week. I’ve done it since March. Awesome. All you got to do is text FA love to 484848 that’s okay love

Unknown Speaker 51:23
a F or h o so

Unknown Speaker 51:25
AF a love.

John Malanca 51:27
alpha alpha.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
Alpha frame alpha. Lima, Oscar. Victor Edward, and it’s 4484848 and that’ll sign you up. Hey, you can hit stop anytime you want. But it’s great. Anyway, john.

John Malanca 51:46
And so what about what about the

Unknown Speaker 51:48
West Coast? People

John Malanca 51:48
are probably still sighing Z’s when you would share you.

Unknown Speaker 51:52
I mean, you know, so set your phone to stun. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:55
yeah, that no, but it’s still it is still there.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Oh, yeah. It’s it’s on. It’s on there. You can check it out. Okay. Yeah,

John Malanca 52:01
we’re always a pleasure, man. And you look great. You’re shining. You’re down in Florida right now and you go back and forth or what do you do I

Unknown Speaker 52:08
yeah, yeah, I’m between Massachusetts and in Florida for now. But man, I’m telling you as soon as this pandemics done who worldwide baby You know, I

John Malanca 52:19
think everyone’s good. I think that I think the world will do well. Ah world’s economy. I think my European friends are saying we’re gonna get the hell out of there come to the states or state friends or say we’re gonna get the hell out of here and go over to Europe. You know, it’s gonna

Unknown Speaker 52:33
be breathless.

John Malanca 52:34
And so, but the health and safety and love to you and your your, your your bride and, and have a great one to

Unknown Speaker 52:43
love to you and yours to my friend. Thanks.

John Malanca 52:45
Thank you again, everyone. Nurse mark, John Malanca united patient group being formed to be well and we’ll see you all soon. Have a great day, john.