John’s guest is Dr. Nigam Arora – join this fascinating conversation about what the future holds for cannabis products and consumers.
We’ll cover the topics like:

  1. Does THC really matter or will CBD products suffice?
  2. What are all these other cannabinoids and do they matter? How do they work together and what is the entourage effect?
  3. What are best methods for cannabis naive patients and consumers to begin trialing cannabis as medicine?
  4. How can consumers understand what products are safe?
  5. How can patients and consumers combat stigma and help educate friends and family?
  6. How do we define the “generations” of cannabis products
  7. What are current cutting edge products and what are their benefits/decrements?
  8. What products are around the corner?
  9. How do consumers become aware of these products and know what is safe?
  10. What are valid resources for consumers interested in these products?

Dr. Nigam B. Arora is an expert in interdisciplinary life science research with present focus on cannabis. He received his Ph.D. from Purdue University where his research sat at the nexus of organic chemistry, medical device manufacturing, and nanotechnology. Dr. Arora’s long standing interest in translational research and entrepreneurship led him to enter the cannabis industry where he has held positions as the Chief Scientific Officer of a cannabis data company in Massachusetts as well as the Chief of Staff and Head of Licensing for a multi license holder in California. Additionally Dr. Arora serves as a co-organizer for cannabis focused symposia at American Chemical Society (ACS) national meetings. These symposia are organized by the Cannabis Chemistry (CANN) subdivision of ACS of which Dr. Arora serves as the Publication Committee Chair. Dr. Arora also spent one year serving on the policy committee of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA), the largest cannabis industry advocacy organization in California.