Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) therapy is administered by a device called the U.V. Irradiation Instrument (Hemo-irradiator). UBI therapy raises host resistance and is a potentially useful adjunctive treatment in many disease processes. UBI energizes the biochemical and physiological defenses of the body by the introduction of ultraviolet energy into the blood stream. Ultraviolet radiation is used to purify water and treat sewage and medically it may be used to purify and clean the blood of contaminations in the form of bacteria and viruses.

What Is UVB/UBI Used For?

UBI has been found useful in treating a wide variety of conditions.  It is used primarily to fight fatigue states and in persistent viral infections. Anecdotally, there has been around an 80% positive response in long-term problems. Typical patients are facing chronic fatigue, hepatitis C, long-term sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

The procedure is very like that of blood being taken. There is no real discomfort. The sensation is somewhere between almost painless and a slight scratch. The patient lies down, a slim soft medical plastic cannula is inserted into a vein and blood is then drawn into a tube which has had heparin put into it so that the blood will stay liquid. The blood passes through the Hemo-irradiator and is exposed to a controlled amount of ultraviolet energy in the accepted therapeutic UV band.

The blood is drawn through the hemo irradiator and then goes back smoothly into the patient’s vein. Apart from the fact that there is someone with a syringe and a machine patients are not aware of anything out of the ordinary happening. Venous oxygen is increased in patients with depressed blood oxygen values. Of special interest is that frequently there is a rapid rise in resistance to viral and bacterial infection, whether acute or chronic. We have seen ’flu turn around in a few hours in a teenager who was indispensable for a school play, sinusitis and bronchitis also seem to respond very quickly No harmful effects have been observed with UBI therapy in thousand of cases or viral infections, hepatitis, bacterial infections, hypoxemia, and many other illnesses, especially blood-related infections.