“His reward for trying to treat these pain patients for years was to be indicted, to have his practice turned upside down; to really lose just about everything in his life except his friends and family.”

Why are doctors being arrested for treating pain? Because of a governmental reaction to opioid addiction. To make political gains doctors are now the enemies, as long as they prescribe pain medicine. It does not matter if the patient mixes those medications with illegal substances or lies to get more pills than they need, if a doctor can be targeted and prosecuted then it’s a political “win” in this all new “war on drugs”.

But are doctors really the enemy?

Are doctors really drug pushers and patients suffering from cancer or other debilitating illnesses that cause outrageous pain really just drug addicts?

When you scratch the surface on this issue it’s self evident that the answer here is an unequivocal NO!

We can do better than throwing doctors in jail for prescribing pain medicine!

We can do better than villainizing patients who suffer from excruciating pain!

See what attorney Benjamin Wish has to say, and listen to his story about defending a doctor who was simply attempting to do what he had been trained to do: help his patients!

It’s astonishing that in twenty-first century America a “Patient Advocate” would need to exist at all, but here we are, and Claudia Merandi is in the ring fighting for the rights of patients and doctors!