“The way the Feds do this now is they call you a criminal for missing a ‘red flag’. A red flag can be a bad urine test that you overlooked, a red flag could be the patient asking for escalating doses every month, a red flag could be you got an anonymous call, it doesn’t even matter that it’s from a disgruntled ex-wife or ex-husband, you know, they’ll call it a ‘red flag’…Now if you don’t follow up on these red flags, you’re being labelled as a criminal prescriber.”

Meet Michael Staples, a Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Consultant. He helps doctors navigate this crazy atmosphere targeting doctors as drug dealers and their patients as drug addicts.

If you’re a doctor who treats pain patients don’t miss what Michael has to say. If you a patient of any doctor, you should be aware of the risks doctors now have to take just to treat their patients.

Can you believe that in this day and age anyone would need a “Patient Advocate”? Yet here we are, and Claudia Merandi is in the ring fighting for the rights of patients and doctors!