The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation

Press Release: The Utah Association for Responsible Cannabis Legislation to Host Summit: ‘Medical Cannabis: The Science. The Truth.’ in Salt Lake City

Utah Representative Gage Froerer, United Patients Group, and Sacred Roots of Healing bring professionals together for an evening of information, education and awareness on the science of cannabinoid medicine, the national political climate and the potential benefits to the people of Utah

National Cancer Moonshot Initiative

National Cancer Moonshot Initiative: An Open Letter and Video From United Patients Group and the Medical Cannabis Community to VP Biden

As Vice President Joe Biden prepares to host the “National Cancer Moonshot Summit” this week, and the deadline to invite researchers and the general public to submit their best ideas for accelerating cancer research draws near (July 1), we at United Patients Group want to ensure that medical cannabis is given a seat at the table via supported research and inclusion within formal clinical trials to more fully explore its potential as a viable and multi-faceted cancer treatment.