“Sleep is one of the most important things for me and my health”

When I am stressed or troubled and need some help with my sleep, I reach for Myriam’s Hemp’s CBN product.  Myriam’s Hemp CBN helps me relax, get calm, and have a long and peaceful sleep.  It brings my body and mind back into balance and I feel rested, calm and alert when I wake up.

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Natural Medicine Delivered Naturally.

  • Our natural products contain no fillers or artificial ingredients, so you get the full benefit of hemp’s natural healing properties.
  • Natural hemp tinctures and topicals are made from organic ingredients with minimal THC—and without sugar, wheat, or animal products.
  • Specialized products for nighttime formulations and generalized stress and anxiety.
  • CBN – Helps promote a healthier sleep cycle / sense of calm as well as relaxation
  • CBG – Aids in a healthy sleep cycle
  • CBD – In higher doses can be a sedative, and like the others it also supports a sense of calmness
Why Choose Myriam’s?
Quality You Can Trust

Myriam’s Hemp CBD oil is completely natural, made with organic ingredients, and free of anything we wouldn’t take ourselves.

Clarity In Choice

It’s hard to be well if you’re worried about what you’re taking. That’s why we offer you—and every customer—the individual attention you deserve.

Compassion For All

We entered this business out of compassion for one person, our mother. We stay in it out of compassion for every single one of our customers and communities.

Featured Products

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Discount Expiration date October 31, 2021



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NEW! CBN 1200


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…
Highest quality CBD

I have tried many cbd’s and by far Myriam’s CBD is the best! They take pride in making the finest, pure clean ingredients in their products for the best CBD in the market. My husband started using CBN as he suffers from insomnia and he is getting the most restful night sleeps without feeling groggy in the morning!

I highly recommend their products. The only CBD I give to my family



I just completed the first bottle of this product. I ordered it after reading it was a potent anti-inflammatory and helped with the pain I ordered it. With spring hayfever going on, I thought would help and it worked great. Pretty much eliminate the extreme reactions I’ve had most of the last 45 years! My allergies are so bad I often want to rip my eyes out to stop the itching!

Taking half a dropper full pretty much eliminated my allergy issues for several hours! Good stuff and also seemed to help with the pain. Highly recommend.


Amazing support and guidance from Myriam's Hemp

I reached out to Myriam’s Hemp when my chronic lower back pain was keeping me from enjoying daily life. I had never used any hemp products before and did not know where to start or what to use, I felt overwhelmed. However with much guidance and support from this company I have learned which products are best for me and my body. My lower back pain is under control now and I am so happy with how easy it is to use Myriam’s Hemp products. I was also very surprised by how fast my CBG was delivered straight to my doorstep.

I LOVE the story behind this company and truly believe in these products. Many people can benefit from these products for themselves and their families.


Take The Mystery Out Of CBD

When we began our search for a natural, healthful CBD product to manage our own mothers’ pain, we found it more difficult than we thought it should be to know exactly what was inside the bottle from product to product. We founded Myriam’s with a vision for better CBD—better quality, better clarity, and better compassion for people like mom who needed real relief, not fillers and mysteries to solve.

This belief that CBD should be a source of healthful relief, not further anxiety, is what guides everything we do at Myriam’s.

It starts with the quality of our products, which contain only natural ingredients that let the product shine. We carry our promise through with compassionate, hands-on support available anytime to help you find the right hemp product for you.


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Discount Expiration date October 31, 2021

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