Hemophilia A and Marijuana Information: Treat Hemophilia With Cannabis

Hemophilia A, also known as classical hemophilia, is a genetic bleeding disorder caused by insufficient levels of a blood protein called factor VIII. Factor VIII is a clotting factor. Clotting factors are specialized proteins that are essential for proper clotting, the process by which blood clumps together to plug the site of a wound to stop bleeding. Individuals with hemophilia A do not bleed faster or more profusely than healthy individuals, but, because their blood clots poorly, they have difficulty stopping the flow of blood from a wound. This may be referred to as prolonged bleeding or a prolonged bleeding episode.

Hemophilia A can be mild, moderate or severe, depending on the baseline level of factor VIII made by that individual. In mild cases, individuals may experience bruising and bleeding from the mucous membranes such as nosebleeds or bleeding from the gums. More serious, prolonged bleeding episodes may occur only after surgery or dental procedures, injury or trauma. The bleeding in such cases is out of proportion for the procedure or trauma.

Individuals with moderate hemophilia A seldom have spontaneous bleeding episodes. Spontaneous bleeding refers to bleeding episodes that occur without apparent cause.  Severe hemophilia A is associated with spontaneous bleeding episodes. Such episodes often result in bleeding into the deep muscles or joints (hemarthroses), which will acutely cause pain and swelling and early restricted movement of the joint.

Although it is passed down from parents to children, about 1/3 of cases are caused by a spontaneous mutation, a change in a gene.

Clinical Information Related to Hemophilia A and Medical Marijuana

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