Epididymitis and Marijuana Information: Treat Epididymitis With Cannabis

Epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis. The epididymis is a tube located at the back of the testicles that stores and carries sperm. When this tube becomes swollen, it can cause pain and swelling in the testicles. Epididymitis in adults is most commonly caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia and Epididymitis in children is likely caused by a urinary tract infection or direct trauma. There are two types of Epididymitis, Acute and Chronic. Acute Epididymitis lasts less than six weeks and Chronic Epididymitis lasts more than six weeks.

Symptoms start mild however if left untreated the symptoms tend to get worse,

  • low-grade fever
  • chills
  • pain in the pelvic area
  • pressure in the testicles
  • pain and tenderness in the testicles
  • redness and warmth in the scrotum
  • enlarged lymph nodes in the groin
  • pain during sexual intercourse and ejaculation
  • pain during urination or bowel movements
  • urgent and frequent urination
  • abnormal penile discharge
  • blood in the semen

Risk assessment: You may be at risk you identivy with the bullet list below.

  • are uncircumcised
  • have unprotected sex
  • have structural problems within the urinary tract
  • have tuberculosis
  • have an enlarged prostate causing blockage in the bladder
  • recently had urinary tract surgery
  • recently experienced a groin injury
  • use a urinary catheter
  • use a heart medication called amiodarone

Clinical Information Related to Epididymitis and Medical Marijuana

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