2500 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA
2500 Packard Street Ann Arbor Michigan 48104 US

About Us

Intessa Certification Center puts its patients first, with a full staff of licensed and certified doctors who truly care about each individual’s well-being. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and committed to making medical cannabis available to everyone in need, Intessa strives to simplify the application process and get patients their alleviation as soon as possible. Intessa’s doctors are all licensed and board certified, with full-time medicinal positions in emergency rooms, oncology centers, Hospice, and Palliative care. They firmly believe in the widespread benefits of medical cannabis and are extremely knowledgeable about the entire registry process. The owner and operator, Michelle, worked in healthcare for most of her life and saw the staggering addiction rates of narcotic painkillers, and sought a safer alternative. During her time working, she in an accident hit by a cement truck moving fifty miles per hour and sustained a number of injuries, including multiple broken ribs. Following her recovery, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and medical cannabis is a huge help in handling uncomfortable side effects from her medication. Amazed by its effectiveness, she joined Intessa and revitalized the company. Today, Intessa strives to be the number one clinic for patients to find the treatment they need that is both high quality and affordable. Michelle has worked hard to build the trust of the best medical dispensaries in the area to earn referrals for certifications and renewals, and while patients have their choice of whom to patronize, they choose Intessa for the care they seek. Intessa builds trusting relationships with its patients, and through that foundation of they have been able to reach a large number of individuals and make a difference in their lives. Intessa is proud to offer discounts for veteran, and the lowest prices throughout Michigan. They assist each patient through every step of the process to ensure anyone can get the medicine they need. Appointments are scheduled by phone to ensure patients bring in the proper paperwork and documentation necessary for certification. Intessa also sends text reminders for follow-ups and recertifications as a way to check in and track the efficacy of the medicine. Service Locations: Intessa calls Ann Arbor, Michigan its home, and is proud to serve the Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester, Bridgewater, Saline, Plymouth, Ypsilanti, Worden and the Superior Charter Township communities. Location Information: Ann Arbor is one of the larger cities in Michigan, nestled between the 94, 23, and 14 freeways. Home to the Michigan Stadium at the University of Michigan, the city resides on the south bank of the Huron River. Detroit, home to the NFL Lions and MLB Tigers is only a short drive away to the east, and state capital Lansing is a few hours Northwest. Intessa strives to bring medicine to its patients, no matter where along the Huron river from which they hail.

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