6533 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213, USA
6533 Northeast Sandy Boulevard Portland Oregon 97213 US

Green Earth Medicine-Portland

Green Earth Medicine is an integrative wellness center committed to providing premier medical cannabis specialist and naturopathic services to their patients, with the ultimate goal of achieving patient well-being. Drawing on a myriad of ancient practices including herbalism, massage, and cannabis medicine, the doctors at Green Earth Medicine strive to help their patients achieve their ideal quality of life.

Dr. Ginevra Liptan, one of three certified cannabis doctors at Green Earth Medicine Clinic, received her doctorate from the Tufts University School of Medicine, specializing in internal medicine and specifically the treatment of fibromyalgia. After founding her own clinic, the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia, she began working with Dr. Le and Green Earth Medicine because of her particular interest in medical marijuana as a treatment option for her specialization. She has seen medical marijuana help many of her fibromyalgia patients and has become a vocal advocate for its widespread beneficial applications. She now works with Dr. Le, Dr. Peatross, and the Green Earth Medicine to continue researching the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis and to help patients in Portland and across the state of Oregon access this powerful medicine.

Today, Green Earth Medicine Portland is one of the most professional and respected medical cannabis clinics in Oregon, with a knowledgeable staff that will guide patients through the process every step of the way. The doctors of Green Earth take the time to patiently sit with each person, listen to their concerns, and work together with them to find the best treatment course for their conditions. Equipped with a particular knowledge of how marijuana interacts with the human body, each doctor is able to provide detailed education and personalized treatment to each patient to help them achieve optimum wellness.

Green Earth Medicine is happy to provide discounts to veterans, seniors, patients with Medicaid, SSI, food stamps and patients facing hardships. Their compassionate office team is available anytime during business hours by phone or by email to answer follow-up questions, and both walk-in appointments and scheduled times are welcome.

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