Caught Off Guard: Can Medical Dispensary Workers Keep up with the Needs of the Medical Cannabis Community?

Those who run businesses in the ever-changing cannabis industry are being faced with a rapidly-growing market while at the same time trying to meet the increasing demands of those whose health may depend on cannabinoids…

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Tips & Tricks

First Time Visit to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Tips & Tricks

Once you have your medical marijuana recommendation from a state certified health care provider, you can visit a marijuana dispensary. Going for your first time to a medical marijuana dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. Dispensaries will have a large variety of different types and strains of marijuana, as well as different kinds of medical marijuana products, such as edibles, tinctures, tonics, creams, etc. Dispensaries will also be able to show you all the different ways of using medical marijuana, i.e. smoking, vaporizing, edible & liquid consumption, etc.

Medical Marijuana Clinic Tips & Tricks

Tips for Finding a Reputable Medical Marijuana Clinic Tips & Tricks

Everyone wants to save a buck, but there are certain things that are important to consider when seeking out a medical marijuana doctor for an evaluation.  The medicinal cannabis doctor-patient relationship is just as important as it is in any other medical context. Patients need to know what services they can count on.  Medical marijuana…