Ask the Doctor: Are there interactions with CBD and SSRIs?

Hi, everyone. Today’s question is, are there interactions with CBD and SSRIs?

And the answer is maybe because SSRIs allow for serotonin to become more available to the nerve cells, they are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. CBD also among its many functions, binds to serotonin receptors, so the two agents may have a combined effect at the serotonin receptor, or they could potentially compete with each other for the serotonin receptor.

So for most of our patients who are taking SSRIs, I suggest that CBD as well as other cannabinoids can be added safely in low dose to the SSRIs.

However, we have to be careful that too much serotonergic activity could cause stomach upset for example, or perspiration, or even anxiety or nervousness. So we have to be careful with the combination.

And hopefully after beginning cannabis therapy, we can reduce and even eliminate SSRIs under the doctor’s supervision because if you stop those medicines too quickly, there can be potential side effects.

I hope that answers the question and maybe even brings up some other questions you may have.