charlyn-imageDr. Charlyn Belluzzo

Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo is internationally recognized as a global health expert in both business and non-profit sectors.

She has expertise in population wellness, medical research, regulatory affairs, strategic planning, fiscal oversight, partnership development, fundraising, marketing and operational management.

Her professional passion has been to promote human health and wellness, strengthen communities, generate economic prosperity and enrich the lives of the world’s most vulnerable.

She holds doctorate degrees of public health and tropical medicine (ScMD) and preventative health (PhD), master degree of business administration (MBA), and completed post-graduate training and a medical fellowship in HIV/AIDS research; managing international clinical trials and authoring new drug applications for regulatory drug approval.

She is an experienced investor and entrepreneur, holding ownership interests in several international health and medical businesses which are based in London UK, Auckland NZ, San Francisco USA, and Lund, Sweden.

As an investor, she prefers to take an active role in companies that hold her interest, to participate in aspects of the business where her expertise is valuable, as well as serving on the Board of Directors.  She understands and enjoys the process of starting new enterprises and building new divisions in existing companies.  She takes pleasure working with a multidisciplinary team and respects diversity of opinion.

Presently, she has ownership and holds active roles in the following companies; xRapid, DrInfo LLC, Good Idea, and East by West Premier Luxury Destination Spas.

xRapid – Clinical Director

Xrapid, presently based in London, England, is a world first in mobile health.  It is the first commercially available app that has the functionality to quickly and accurately diagnose major diseases via microscopic digital pattern recognition technology.  As Clinical Director, she is tasked with coordinating all medical affairs; interfacing with clinicians and healthcare authorities worldwide, co-authoring and orchestrating clinical research, overseeing and managing regulatory processes, and interfacing broadly with the Global health community form xRapid’s perspective.  She also solicits and secures additional investment funding, as necessary to grow and scale the company.

DrInfo LLC – Director, Global Health Initiatives

DrInfo LLC is a health information integration system, founded in Auckland, New Zealand, facilitating access to pertinent patient medical data records from multiple data sources, ensuring better treatment decisions with improved health outcomes and prioritizes patient and treatments across entire health systems.  As a co-owner, her task is catalyzing DrInfo’s success within the national centralized health systems of New Zealand and Australia and leading their expansion around the globe.

Good Idea AB – Director, Population Wellness

Double Good AB emerged as a business founded on groundbreaking research emerging at Lund University, Sweden, department of Functional Foods and Biotechnologies.  Their protein water product has proven in pre-clinical and clinical trials to lower blood glucose following a standard meal, thus useful managing pre-diabetic conditions in Europe, Canada, and soon the USA.  As scientific liaison, she interfaces with clinical researchers, healthcare providers, governmental health agencies, regulatory bureaus, and distribution partners.

East by West Premier Luxury Destination Spas – Director, Spa Continuum

East by West Premier Luxury Destination Spas is a network of over 7000 elite spas properties and curated health and wellness experiences.  As a co-owner, she applies her health and wellness expertise to support the vision and delivery of their Spa Continuum. Guests experiencing East by West Spas may participate in the Spa Continuum, which includes a 24 hr. nurse hotline for health and medical questions, wellness webinars, daily reminders, specialty wellness products, and more.

Author, Media Spokesperson, and Seminar Presenter

As an internationally recognized health and wellness expert, she is often called upon to speak publically.  Her perspective on physical and emotional balance, both on micro and macro levels, has gained popular recognition across the USA and Canada.

Summary of Pertinent Past Professional Roles

Nation Research Council – USA

As Managing Director, she was the editor of pharmaceutical continuing education, program and research manager, as well as administrator for strategic partnerships including the newly established NIH office of Dietary Supplements, National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and numerous global pharmaceutical and nutritional industry partners.

Royal Numico, The Netherlands

She lead project management of global clinical trials; focusing in the USA, Canada, and Australia, managing editor of pharmaceutical continuing education, managed clinical research operations, budget, and staffing.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) – Switzerland

She acted as an advisor, facilitator, evaluator, and education in refugee health services.  Her efforts spanned health education and evaluation of preventative health, infectious diseases, reproductive health, domestic violence, gender equity, conflict resolution and peaceful leadership; Kosovo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Afghanistan.

National Health Service (NHS) – United Kingdom

As a lecturer and consultant on health systems management and governance, she lectured with a team of European Healthcare specialists to improve the quality of care, safety, and governance of institutions throughout the UK; often working with the Royal Society of Medicine and others to interface with clinicians.

E-Line Ventures – USA

As a founding senior partner, she played a key role in evaluating and measuring their venture fund’s success in accordance with its double-bottom line thesis, integrating commercial innovation and business operations with development of human capital and in furthering the objectives of the firm in numerous international settings.